How to study at home

The most beautiful part of a man’s life is his school days; the place that makes him regular, punctual, hard working and stylish. Here are 12 Tips To Start Study At Home Effectively. Every student has his own way, path and method of studying. Now a days when competition is getting more and more stiff, it is equally getting difficult to manage studies while you are at home.

About two decade ago life was not so hard. Students had much time to manage their schedule. There was no android mobiles, no laptops, no tiktoks, no whatsapp, no facebook and no 4G. Students take part in physical activities that not only keep them active but also allows their minds to grow positively by making them hard-worker and target achiever.

Apart from classrooms, there are many benefits of studying at home. You can work in a relaxed environment without any pressure and hassle. Some students prefer and like to study at home. It is confirmed that all students who regularly give proper time to studies while at home always get distinctions in school or college exams.

Obviously all students like to enjoy the vacations and midterm breaks. But you can still spend your time reading books at home. There may be some reasons you can’t give proper time to your studies at home. Watching television at home, using social media and other factors can affect your schedule. Because of this, you may have to face difficulties on the day of test.

However, you can follow these tips to get the best results while studying at home.

Overcoming a Difficult Topic

When students start studying at home, they often face difficulties in some subjects. Obviously coaching is not available at home. May be you have started a topic in advance of your class schedule or you might not have attended any lectures because you were sick or on leaves.

Whatever the reason is, there is always a solution. For example, If you are weak in a subject, give it some time, read its theory, understand the flow of topic, try some given solved examples or take help of its key (answer book). You can always seek help of your best, intellectual and attentive class-mates on the topic. He will be more than happy to teach you if you admire his abilities and if you really want to understand. Alternatively, you can find some solutions of the topic on internet; browse some youtube videos, follow some best online teachers and take this opportunity to overcome the topic.

Creating a Time Table

Before you plan to start preparing for the academic year, the first thing is to set a study time table. Take a deep breath, find out the available time in routine, make list of all books, collect all study material and write down all your decisions and milestones on paper. Your timetable for Studying at Home should be complete in all respects. It should contain your whole day activities. When to sleep and when to wake up, time to breakfast, lunch and dinner, time for play, time to relax all should be part of your study plan. If you do not set proper timetable, you will always be nervous and mentally disturbed. A routine provides a structure to get things done.

Every successful plan needs a close monitoring and modification according to the current situation. Make a to-do list each week that you have to complete and a list of all completed tasks in the end of week. This method allows to you stay on track with your study targets.

Study Room

Always choose a comfortable room for studying. It can be your spare room or drawing room. Make sure it has enough space and lighting.

There should be a computer/laptop and a table in the room. The temperature should be good in your room.  Use a small desk lamp to light your immediate study area, and a larger lamp or overhead light to light the rest of the room.

Keep everything you need on your study table. Get all the books of the subject you are going to consult. Make sure there are all the necessary items in the study room so that you should not have to get up and go outside again and again.

Choose a room that do not distract you by way of any noise or vociferance. Most importantly, keep your room clean and organized so you can study hard. Keep your sleeping bed separate and never sit on it while you are studying.

The Right Time to Study

Some students like to study at night whereas others prefer in the morning.  Always read at a time when your brain is fresh and you feel comfortable. Never study if you are feeling stressed. Try to study when you are most alert so that you could be able to possess and retain the information you are studying.

When students want to study at home, make a reading schedule. Which time of the day you want to study and which is the subject you want to learn at that specific time.

If there is any homework and assignment then complete it. It’s all about being organized. But that doesn’t mean you have to study all the time. Fix some time for reading and some for breaks.

Make Notes

After school, review and expand notes which you have laid down in the classroom. This way make a detailed sheet and a summary sheet on regular basis. Make a different file for each subject containing these notes. In exams, these complete notes and lectures will help you to revise and understand in less time. Repeat these notes again and again to keep topics in mind. If you have complete study material, you can save a lot of time.

Get a friend or family member to quiz you on key concepts. Offer to help your friends with their work too. Quizzes are great ways to get confident about what you know and find out what you still need to learn. You can make these quizzes and question papers at home.  Making papers and notes will enhances your readings and also helps to memorize the topics easily.

Internet for Education

Because of Covid-19, many educational institutions are closed around the world. However, students can take help from many online resources and youtube videos. Internet is beneficial for students in every way provided that you should have ability to extract required information. Udemy and Coursera are best for students seeking advance skills starting from basic level.

If schools are closed, it is not possible to meet your teachers. However, you can still get help from Internet by searching topics on the internet (googling) that you can’t understand easily. If you have the ability to search correctly, you can find answers to your questions easily on the internet.

If you are facing difficulty making assignments, you can take help from online resources. Now a days many students are taking online classes at home through specially created android apps or through dedicated whatsapp groups.. All this is possible because of internet.

Review & Repeat

If you want to grip any subject, repeat your lessons again and again. One advantage is that you can catch your mistakes easily by doing revisions again and again. The second advantage is that you will remember everything well.

If you are committed to learn at home, repeated revisions will help to understand the underlaying theory of any topic easily. In the revision method, you can improve your reading skills and your analytical skills. Secondly, If done correctly it will help increase your confidence.

Use of Mobile Phones

Positive Use

We are living in the world of digital apps and technology. Many International schools have developed apps for their students that can help you with your studies at home. There are also many applications that can help you create projects, homework and preparations of exams. These fantastic productivity extensions and applications make studying or working less of a hassle.

Negative Use

However, If you want proper study, you have to stay away from misuse of mobile phones. The most worst thing is mobile phone these days. Parents should keep tabs and mobile phones away from their child’s reach while they are studying. If a student is using mobile phones while studying, he/she will not be able to complete his/her tasks successfully. In result, there will be extra burden and ultimately negative stress increasing day by day.

Group Study

Often you can’t study alone at home because you don’t have habit like this or you feel uncomfortable or get bored alone. In some subjects, you need friend’s guidelines. In this scenario, try to make a study group with class mates to discuss study material, cooperate on projects and share notes. Often some students face difficulties about some questions and topics but they can recover these topics at home in group study.

Group study allows you to share your knowledge with each other. Additionally, you can learn from each others experience or knowledge. In this way, you can talk about a lot of ideas about reading at home.

Rest & Relaxation

You can’t study for long time without rest. Rest is as important as studying. Exercising is very beneficial for your study specially when you are studying at home. In the evening, go for some walk in the nearby park or get some time for relaxation. This walk or relaxation should be part of your schedule. Everyday leave the study room in the evening, give some time to family or friends and gossip with them. This will make your mind fresh and give you more power and energy for your studies at night.

Reading Novels & Newspapers

After studying, some students spend their time in games and outings. This is good and gives you boost but you can also read newspapers and magazines in free time. Newspapers can improve your reading skill. By reading news, you know what’s going on around you. If you want to improve your English language skills, you can read any English Newspaper especially if you are going to attempt IELTS.

Set A Timer On Study-Table

It is important that you should have to complete all tasks on time. Set a timer on your study table if you want your schedule to be working good. The timer allows you to focus on your work and manage your study timetable well at home. You will read at the time of study and move away at the time of break.


Although it seems like that it is not easy to read at home. But with some good planning, scheduling, monitoring and sticking to time table, studying at home becomes working, comfortable and effective.

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