Top fields for students 2021

Almost every student face difficulties in choosing field and study route while planning for their future career. There is always search for Most Wanted Degrees or Top Study Fields for Students in 2021-2022. Often they do not know in which Discipline to study that finally lead them to a better position after they complete their studies. For much problem remains unresolved and eventually they get mentally exhausted.

First of all, you should be aware that you are not alone in the game; there are many students besides you who face difficulties about their field or majors. The success is hidden in finding a way to solve this problem. We have created a list of some latest study fields for students that can be helpful for someone seeking to determine their future study goals.

These are just some examples of fields and subjects on which you can focus. If you want to make good career in current era then select one of these fields to enjoy a good career. There are a lot of majors or degrees and every year latest and most demanding courses in the world are introduced in educational institutes. Once you make a good decision about your study program, all you need to do is to accept this challenge. If you will be determinant, rest is just small steps you need to go through.

Always keep your thinking good and positive for future. Think which study field is good for you, start searching and explore your options, Soon you will find out what is better and going to work for you. Some of Best Countries to Study offers best resources to choose your career.

1: Engineering

Engineers are the backbone of any country. Therefore engineering degree is considered as the most famous degree in the world. Universities around the world offer a lot of specializations in this field. Engineering can make your career strong at the international level. The demand for professional engineers increases each year.

Engineers can make our world faster and smarter. So you can become a good engineer, depending on what specialization you choose.


  • Mechanical Engineering: Rail system engineer, maintenance inspector, engine designer, patent clerk
  • Electrical Engineering: Power generations, Power control, Electrical safety inspector, Electrical systems engineer.
  • Civil Engineering: Construction engineer, Structural engineer, Building control surveyor.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Bio mechanic Engineer, Bio materials engineer
  • Chemical Engineering: Plant systems operators, production technician, food scientist.

2: Computer Sciences

Computer science field is best choice for students who have interest into math subject and programming. Because of this degree, you can make impressive career at international level.

Although computer sciences is very intense field but it also provides you best opportunities to start your own business and make software house or run IT Company. Today we are living in the modern world where the level of technology is very high. Because of this there is always a great demand for computer experts in big companies.

For this reason, most universities are offering Master’s degree in Computer Science in a wide array of specializations. IT related engineering, computer sciences and artificial intelligence are some of the top notched demands of the industry.

Some of specializations are mentioned below:

  • Programming, Java & C ++ Language
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Networking
  • Mobile Apps and Web Development
  • Data Sciences
  • Video Games Development & Multimedia (game tester & web designer)
  • IT Security
  • Software Development

3: Law

If you want to highlight and add contributions in flourishing peace and justice in the world and love to fight for human rights, then you should get admission in LAW.

A law degree is the best qualification to get a job easily. Law graduates have 6th highest employment rate and bear in mind that up to 60 percent of all students select to use their law degree to gain jobs other than in the legal profession.

Law degree can be helpful in your routine life when you sign some contract papers and other legal documents. Because of this degree, your thinking ability will become wide and good in many scenarios. For example, you will obtain an understanding of legal processes, logical reasoning skill and critical thinking and analysis capabilities.

All students who are looking for admission in LAW degree, can choose from several fields and majors such as International LAW or Criminal LAW. Some specialties include:

  • Mediator
  • Lawyer
  • Prosecutor
  • Judge

4: Art & Art History

If you are interested in something that is related to art, such as painting, visual arts, photography & sculpture, you should get admission in Master of Arts for more information about these things.

When you read in depth about Art then you will be familiar how much potential it carries. Additionally, you will also understand how social culture and even political factors have contributed to the ideas and work of famous painters and artists in general.

Major fields in Art are listed below:

  • Art Critic
  • Art Broker
  • Art Consultant
  • University Professor

5: Business Management

Working in a business environment is not easy. Here you explore and develop your mental skills at high level. Often you want to run your own successful business. You can learn all this from business and management field.

If you can’t run or start your own business because of lack of investment then don’t worry. You can easily find a job in different corporate sectors using your business degree. A business field can increase your salary and life time income. You can select Master degree in Marketing, Finance, HR, Management, Supply Chain and Logistics etc.

You can hunt job market in multiple ways including but not limited to:

  • Department Manager
  • Auditor
  • Tax Inspector
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Financial Advisor etc.

6: Fashion Designing

Are you kind of the person, who is interested in fashion like cloths or you think you can create ideas and can read the clothing needs of people around you. Whether you are new in this field or its your historically family business, you need to have to see it professionally. Don’t make it your hobby but make it a career in future.

In fashion designing course, students read about the designing of beautiful clothing and fashion accessories. These courses tell you about different designing ideas and cultural values in an innovative way. You also learn how to catch trends and make money with selective opportunities.

Different positions that you can acquire based on your interest and specialty include:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Critic
  • Brand Manager

7: Social Sciences

If you want to get a job early, you should take admission in social sciences. According to latest survey, Social Science field is better than art and science because graduates are likely to be in paid employment than art or sciences graduates.

Social Sciences degree is attractive field in the terms of global potential and knowledge and skill base. Because in this field there are lot of ways and options for students.

Here is list of disciplines in Social Science:

  • Economics
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • International Communication

8: Hospitality & Tourism

This is one of most demanding and trending degree in this decade. Students who graduate from colleges and universities with a hospitality degree, are equipped with a flexible skill set. They can sell their skills in different ways; for example by acquiring manager & administrative positions at hotels and restaurants, special event planners, sale people, marketing professionals, food service managers, security directors.

You can enjoy tours and have time to meet with different people from various cultures and background while performing your routine duties. The overall tourism industry is one of the most prosperous world wide and specialists in the field will always be in high demand.

9: Health Care Administration

The BSHA is management degree which provides education on health care, hospital facilities, Nursing homes and clinics. The program helps students on how to handle the business side of health care administration.

All health care administrations must attend medical classes to better understand their working environment. Although graduates of this degree start the job at low level but this is the specialty of the field that they can get a lot of opportunities and earn handsome money with the passage of time. With the growing needs in the World, the health care industry requires more qualified administrators.

10: Pharmacy

Pharmacy is the science of preparing, dispensing and reviewing drugs and providing additional clinical services. The students of pharma, will read two main subjects pharmaceutical chemistry and medical science in great depth.

After graduation, they will have a good chance of getting a job in pharmaceutical companies, health care departments or they can run their own legal business based on their qualification. The Typical jobs for pharmacy degree holders include community pharmacist, hospital pharmacist and pharmacologist or research scientist.

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