Scholarships have two classes: 1. Government Funded Scholarships 2. Private Sector Scholarships. While each have its own advantages and disadvantages, both aim the student to benefit from this life time opportunity.

The best part of life is Student life – a well established truth. The independence, the charm, friendship, glory, adventure, believe, positive attitude and hunger to do something extra-ordinary, all sums up to give a persons educational life.

Every student has his own goals. Some only wants to get a local degree to target a specific job while some move to other cities within their own countries in a hope to get more exposure and better future opportunities. However eager not ends here, about 60% students in this decade think of exploring global level opportunities and thus a different taste.

Still some readers may confuse in between what benefits they could have by moving to some economically strong country. We have elaborated the game in the must read article “15 Benefits to Study Abroad”.

The biggest advantage for students who want to study abroad on scholarship are as follows:

  • They have a better chance to get high quality education that they might not have in local environment.
  • Students become independent financially.
  • Most scholarships are government funded based on mutual agreement between two countries. This helps to get jobs easily in public sector as government wants such students to pay back to their own country for what they benefited from earlier.
  • Most scholarships include strict condition to learn the foreign language that has an additional benefit and gives more opportunities to students in the future.
  • The study path becomes easy for students and they have less to think what to study and why to study as government funded scholarships are awarded with a specific view of future manpower requirements.
  • Some government as well as private scholarships are awarded with guaranteed employment opportunity.