Turkey Student Visa Procedure

Today many students are looking for study in abroad because there are lot of chances and big opportunities for them in abroad because they can get best facilities for their research in abroad. Many Developed Countries including Turkey are providing good facilities for research in their institutes. After enrollment there are some procedure like all candidates will fill visa requirements. Suppose you get admission in Turkey then you will follow these visa requirements.

The all candidates who will come for study in Turkey after admission, they should have to visit Turkey embassy or consulate. The visa procedure could be complicated or could take longer time than expected because a lot of students will submit their applications for study visa. So it is important for all students who want to continue their studies in Turk Universities that they apply for visa application as soon as possible once they receive admission letter.

When you will arrive in Turkey then you will apply for residential application to live in Turkey, when you got approval for residential applications then you can stay in Turkey for 90 days.

Turkey Visa Procedure

Here are some help full steps for visa procedure, all students should follow these steps to apply visa application.

1: Acceptance Letter

When you will receive acceptance letter from any Turkish university then you can apply for study visa. Without acceptance letter you can’t apply for Turkey Study visa application.

2: Fix a Appointment for Application

You will get appointment date for application or meeting in local consultant when you will apply for visa. All students can book their meeting date in online portal.

3: Fill Application Form

When you will go your nearest consulate for meeting then you will have to submit visa application form and submit it with required documents.

4: Track Visa Application

The visa procedure can take time for 2 weeks but you can track you application with tracking id on the website of Turkish consulate website.

5: Submit Application for Residence Permit

When you will arrive in Turkey, you will apply for residence permission within one month.

Appointment in Local Consulate

On the day of appointment, you will have to visit in consulate where consular officer will take a short interview, because they will look about your bio, date and your future plans then they will decide about your visa approval. This interview will influence whether or not you will get your visa because its all depends on your interview so you should make a good impression during interview. Always come in consulate with complete documents if you miss only 1 record then you could be rejected. When you will submit an application for visa approval then you must have keep these documents:

1: Valid passport for 90 days.
2: Two passport-size photos
3: Health insurance certificate
4: Acceptance letter and residence permit letter
5: Bank statement, because consulate officer will look that you have sufficient balance in your bank account to support your study and living in Turkey.
6: Attach your previous education certificates with application form.
7: Proof of booked flight tickets to Turkey.
8: Visa processing fee

Turkey Student Residence Permit Requirements

On student visa, you can stay in Turkey for 90 days so you should get residence permit from Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration.

For residence permit you will submit these documents with application:

1: Application form
2: Passport, including photocopies and your student visa
3: 4 passport size pictures
4: Proof of your university location and place.

When you will get residence approval, your permit will be valid for 1 year but you can renew it 60 days before its expiry date by visiting to local govt authority and you will have submit new application form.

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