International ranking of countries by education

Now a days education has very much importance in our life because it is basics of a person’s mindset and works as foundation to understand the world. Schools and Universities play a vital role in providing best opportunities to the individuals with subjective theoretical and practical knowledge. So, it is also important and right of each and every student to know where he can avail best atmosphere to get quality education. International institutions like QS World often issues rankings with respects to study & education levels and annually announces World’s Best Countries By Education.

Important factors that all students should research about before taking admission in any institute are infrastructure, quality of education, faculty, facilities, rankings, expenses, social security, value of desired degree, extra circular activities etc. Before admission, students should analyze list of countries those have best and comfortable study opportunities and education system is supportive for them. Often students search that which country is best on the basis of education so here is complete collective information of countries, which have best ranking in the world.

1: United States of America

US covers fifty states and is the world’s biggest economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). They also have strong defense on the basis of its military and army; country is known as Super Power. America has strong international alliances with other countries and United Nations’ head quarter is also located in America. In defense, America has strong super nuclear weapons and military. In USA, there are strong ratio about human rights which is 44 percent and there is complete religious freedom.

In USA, the education system is very strong and good for students. America is considered among best countries with strong and impressive education system. Today many students select US as their destination in study field because there are lot of opportunities of learning and research in their majors that benefit in the growth of their career.

2: United Kingdom

UK is placed on 2nd position in the list of those countries with best education system maintaining its rank from last year. UK is best and safe country for education for local and international students. Additionally, there are top universities and colleges of the world including but not limited to Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London. In United Kingdom, education system is divided into four parts like primary education, secondary education, higher secondary education and higher education. Basic education also encompasses four levels:

  • Key Stage 1: 5 to 7 years old
  • Key Stage 2: 7 to 11 years old
  • Key stage 3: 11 to 14 years old
  • Key stage 4: 14 to 16 years old

3: Canada

Canada is placed in the 3rd position among the ranking of best countries by education. Many institutes in Canada offers primary, secondary or high school for free for the local students of Canada while many schools charges a nominal tuition fee from international students. Canada is a bilingual country where you can learn 2 international languages; English and French. Besides there are a lot of other opportunities to develop your language skill and career to boost up your confidence levels.

4: Germany

Today Germany is most powerful and poplar country of European Union because of its good and strong economy and field of defense. In foreign World, Germany has strong alliance with other country and it has strong military with the ratio of 64.4 percent. If you are going for study in Germany then there is best environment for social and economical development as the standard of education system is 100 percent, social security is 75.8 percent and high employment level.

The Education system is very impressive and good in Germany because all institutes, schools and colleges are well structured and rigorous. In 2014, Germany’s 16 states announced that there will be no academic fee for local and international students of undergraduate courses in public universities but they will have to pay some admission fee and other expenses per semester.

There are many famous and historical universities which are placed high in the global world universities rankings including University of Munich, Heidelberg University. Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU) are top universities of Germany.

5: France

France is oldest country of the world and also founding member of United Nations while it has permanent seat of security council. France has lengthy history in music, fine arts and dance while French foods and dishes are very famous all around the world. The ratio of Qualify life is 56.6 percent while it is placed on 16th rank in the world while tourism and adventure ratio is 56.2 percent in France.

A better education system is first priority of French Government as 21% of annual budget is earmarked for education. In country, literacy rate is 99 percent. The University of Paris is one of the best and oldest university of France which was founded in 1215. However, education is not free in France so you will have to pay some dues when you will get admission in any public university.

6: Switzerland

In Switzerland, the level of education system is latest and advanced whereas many students select Swiss country as their educational destination in current scenario. Switzerland has 12 universities which are organized by cantons while some universities are well known due to BBA and MBA. So many international students have been enrolled in these universities.

In Switzerland, some popular universities are located including Federal Institute of Terrorist Technology and The University of Teacher Education. According to the high education standard Switzerland is placed on 6th spot in the ranking of international countries for high education. The literacy rate has highest ratio of 99.7 percent and well developed infrastructure is 88.3 percent. In the field of technology, Switzerland has ratio of 59.0 percent.

7: Australia

Australia has a lot of golden opportunities in the field of education world and even more than other countries. Many international students are coming Australia for study on the basis of comfortable and friendly life style, strong education system and freedom. Students can gain high research output results in their field because in Australia, the standard of education is very high and all institutes of this country are placed in the top 100 institutes and universities.

In Australia, literacy and educational population is 93.8 percent. Like other countries, the education standard is divided into 3 stages in Australia like; Primary School, Secondary School and Senior Secondary. Australia is member of UN, The Group of 20, The Commonwealth of Nations and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Australia has good alliance with other countries of the world and quality of life and other good facilities’ ratio is 90.3 percent.

8: China

According to the rankings, China has World’s second highest number of top universities while in latest survey, China has 514,000 educational institutes and 270 million students enrolled in all level of courses and education. There are many globally recognized famous and well known universities which provide high quality education facilities to their students. Ministry of Education marked that literacy ratio was 96.7% in 2015.

In China, The education system is controlled by state run public education system which falls under the command of ministry of education. It is compulsory for all citizens to attend school for nine years and government will provide full facilities for the development of career while traditional China culture plays important role in funding to these citizens.

9: Netherlands

Netherlands has high quality education system for international students. In Dutch, educational institutes are offering 400 Bachelor’s and 1400 Master’s degrees. In Netherlands, there are affordable residences and low tuition fees that is the major reason to travel here by students.

Today many students travel to Dutch country as their educational destination because they get residency permit easily. Additionally, students can work or do full time job in summer June, July and August. In Netherlands, 77 different institutes are offering 1500 educational programs in English. It doesn’t matter that you are student of bachelor, master or PhD; after completing your study, you can go ahead for jobs in relevant field of your study and earn with confidence in Netherlands.

10: Denmark

Denmark is placed on 10th position according to the ranking of study in international countries because there are many facilities for local and international students. Education is completely free here for Danish students and those from EU. For other international students there are many scholarships and funds available.

In Denmark, all international students can work full time during their studies. After they complete their studies, there is no ban on Swiss citizens or EU/EEA and they can work full time without any restrictions. Denmark has many large number of industries like foods, steel and machinery, tourism and the production of iron so all students who want to develop their career here, they can find jobs easily.

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